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    A mobile workforce fueled by BYOD is fast replacing traditional computing as the most complex work platform for IT professionals to manage. IT shops are now forced to support platforms running outside of their standard networks creating a nearly insurmountable dilemma for maintaining service quality and security.

    SyncDog, Inc. offsets this burden in a comprehensive solution that manages pro-active mobile device monitoring, mobile device security, mobile application containerization, and compliance reporting. Our flagship product SyncDog Sentinel solves the mobility service & security dilemma that keeps IT staff in the dark about service disruptions and security issues caused by malicious and careless users. With SyncDog Sentinel, IT administrators have the enterprise visibility to be proactive with application delivery and security giving them the freedom to focus on driving revenue to the organization.

    The mobile workforce is the new enterprise norm and disruptions to mobile service delivery and system-wide security can be devastating to both revenue and reputation. SyncDog Sentinel is a powerful combination of low overhead and predictive intelligence for all of today’s mobile platforms. Your network supports every transaction crossing it and SyncDog helps you understand it.